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mother tongues collective return to Aarhus for an event that grows from their recent residency in Aarhus. Based on ideas from the texts "Emergent Strategy" by Adrienne Maree Brown and "Is Life a Cabaret? A Living Archive of the ‘Other’" by Mama Alto and Sue McKemmish, we invite you to join us on a nature walk through Moesgård Forest to explore ways of introducing intention, change and adaptability into our lives through the embodied experience of a living archive of the forest. This will be followed by a picnic on the beach.

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In 2021 we were part of a new collaboration with our partner exhibition space rum46 and Nuuk Kunstmuseum called ASSINGA. We supported a series of exhibitions and events that showcased and explored art and literature from Greenland. This included the symposium “Blikke på Grønland”, which co-organised with Galleri Image and was part of Aarhus Art Weekend.

In 2022 this work with rum46 continues for the programme værker der gør ondt. The programme will explore how pain is experienced and portrayed through the themes of language, history, and boundaries. All events will be advertised on our social media and this webpage.

This year we are once again part of the annual LiteratureXchange and Art Week festivals in Aarhus. Our focus in these events will be the Iranian writer Shahrnush Parsipur and her Danish translator, Nazila Kivi.

We are also contributing to the newly formed Decolonial Reading Group, also taking part at rum46.


The Århus Feminist Reading Group was founded in May 2017. During that first year time, the group met at the Women’s Museum to discuss articles, books, poems and short stories, building new connections between people and generating discussion and personal reflection with each new meeting. The aim of the group was to bring different types of people together, opening up feminism to non-academic audiences and helping people from Denmark and from abroad to meet each other through their politics, ideas and experiences.

In early 2018, and bolstered by a new working group, the umbrella organisation Århus Feminist Collective was formed. Since then, and alongside the ongoing reading group, the Collective has organised several workshops, talks and film screenings. We use the older spelling of Århus because we think that the Å is very symbolic of our aims, bringing the two vowels together under a unifying circle: together in the Å the letters are stronger and taller than before, and we hope to help people of all backgrounds and genders feel welcomed and included through the Collective’s meetings and events. Our current focus is on the everyday ways in which feminist action can make itself manifest, using discussion and community to build confidence, knowledge and awareness. Ultimately, this is a non-institutional learning project.

We have also collaborated with numerous cultural partners in Denmark, including Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, Andromeda8220, Galleri Image and LGBT+ Huset, as well as the festivals LiteratureXchange, Vild Med Ord, Århundredets Festival, Art Weekend and Talk Town. We have been hosting events at rum46 since 2018, and have been a part of the working group since 2020.

On this website you can find out more about our upcoming events, as well as our previous meetings, projects and collaborations. You can also check out our resources page and blog where we collect and share information and ideas.

If you want to suggest a collaboration or get involved, please get in touch:

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